Epica - Consign to Oblivion

Consign to Oblivion is the second studio-album by Dutch symphonic metal band Epica, and was released in April 2005. "Trois Vierges" features a guest appearance by former Kamelot vocalist Roy Khan. The album's lyrics are heavily influenced by Mayan Civilization. The CD was released with copy control on it. This CD started a new "saga", called A New Age Dawns. This saga is continued on the album Design Your Universe.

Stylistically, the album is more focused towards orchestration than other Epica releases and features heavy use of a chorus. Additionally, Mark Jansen's death growls appear less frequently, occurring on only three songs, "Force of the Shore", "Mother of Light" and "Consign to Oblivion". But a bonus track, the Death cover "Crystal Mountain" includes grunts, and a grunt version of "Quietus" was released on the "Quietus (Silent Reverie)" single, making it five songs with grunts.

Track ListEdit

1. Hunab Ku (1:45)
2. Dance of Fate (5:13)
3. The Last Crusade (4:20)
4. Solitary Ground (4:23)
5. Blank Infinity (4:02)
6. Force of the Shore (4:02)
7. Quietus (3:46)
8. Mother of Light (5:57)
9. Trois Vierges (4:41)
10. Another Me (4:41)
11. Consign to Oblivion (9:46)


Band members

  • Simone Simons - mezzo-soprano
  • Mark Jansen - guitars, grunts, screams, orchestral arrangements
  • Ad Sluijter - guitars
  • Coen Janssen - synths, orchestral and choir arrangements
  • Yves Huts - bass guitar, orchestral arrangements
  • Jeroen Simons - drums

Additional musiciansEdit

  • Roy Khan - vocals on "Trois Vierges"
Epica Orchestra
  • Benjamin Spillner - violin
  • Andreas Pfaff - violin
  • Tobias Rempe - violin
  • Gregor Dierk - violin
  • Swantje Tessman - viola
  • Patrick Sepec - viola
  • Astrid Müller - viola
  • Jörn Kellermann - cello
Epica Choir
  • Melvin Edmonsen - bass
  • Previn Moore - tenor
  • Andre Matos - tenor
  • Annie Goebel - alto
  • Amanda Somerville - alto, vocal coach
  • Bridget Fogle - soprano
  • Linda van Summeren - soprano


  • Sascha Paeth - producer, engineer, mixing, acoustic guitars on "Dance of Fate"
  • Olaf Reitmeier - producer, engineer
  • Miro - orchestral arrangements, engineer
  • Philip Colodetti, engineer, mixing
  • Hans van Vuuren - executive producer, coordination and research
  • Peter van 't Riet - mastering


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